Things that are important to us diversity, culture, respect, passion, learning, music, travel and lots of food.

Our Mission: To nurture every talent and help people advance their careers.

At Kaleesuwari, we trust in the power of people fuelled by optimism and a mindset to grow that impacts people and transforms the way of doing business. Our culture promotes a healthy work environment that presents various opportunities and freedom to explore beyond boundaries. We foster a rich culture of respect, integrity, fairness, credibility and team work that steer our business towards the path of success. We take pride in our Leadership that bespeaks passion towards performance and growth.


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Performance Oriented Culture

A thorough dedication to achieve great results


Accountability enhances effectiveness and creates a respectful, enjoyable, and life-giving work environment


Discipline determines the path of success


Consistency is key to a greater life

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Join our team, let’s work towards a healthier and happier world together!


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Karthikeyan Balamurugan

Zonal Manager

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