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The Most Trusted Brand by Millions of Mothers for Health and Happiness.

Kaleesuwari the Empire of Oils

The journey of Kaleesuwari began in 1973 with the purpose to promote the wellness of Indian families by bringing to them a range of healthy edible oils. Since then it was unceasing progress. In four decades, Kaleesuwari has grown as a trusted producer of edible food products with multiple brands under its banner. With Gold Winner edible oil, Kaleesuwari became a family name among Indian households.

With consistent quality and judicious expansion, Kaleesuwari took giant strides to build a diverse portfolio of superior brands that assure consumers of health and happiness. Today, Kaleesuwari’s product portfolio encompasses edible oils, pulses, hair oils, and lamp oils. The company’s accomplishment is further defined by its growing presence in international markets such as Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Seychelles, Australia, and the USA.


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Our Milestones

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Gold Winner Refined Sunflower Oil was launched and became the No. 1 brand by Redefining the refined edible oil space.


Launched Gold Winner Vanaspati to repeat the success, achieved in edible oil.

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sree gold range of dals logo


Sree Gold Range of Dals was launched with high protein as a big benefit.


Fedora a specialized Olive Oil, rich in antioxidants and vital nutrients was launched.

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dheepam lamp oil logo


Dheepam Lamp Oil created a whole new category and soon was extended to Dheepam Parijat and .


Cardia Life Blended Oil was launched to fulfil the aspirations for an active lifestyle.

cardia life logo
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Launch Gold winner - Refined Groundnut Oil


Orysa Refined Rice Bran Oil was launched.

orysa lrice bran oil logo
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Eldia - Coconut Oil was our first foray into the hair care space.


Cardia Advanced Cold-pressed Gingelly Oil and Filtered Groundnut Oil were launched in spout packs.

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Promoting health is our raison d'être. Because we know very well that a healthy life contributes to happiness and fulfillment. Right from our humble beginning in 1973 to securing an illustrious name among the Indian households, we have stood firm by our commitment.


We admire our nation’s diversified culture, unique cuisines and the spiritual legacy that have become a significant part of our global identity. We envision to stay as a reliable refinery for the households not only in India but around the world, while holding high our country’s cultural values.




Gold Winner ranked 63rd among India's Top 100 FMCG brands

Source: A.C. Nielsen Retail Audit as published in Economic times Brand Equity on April 21, 2004.

Gold Winner is "Number One" in the FMCG brand (edible oils category) in South India

Source: ORG-MARG survey.

Kaleesuwari is a recognized member of the National Sunflower Association (NSA)

a US-based industry body that promotes health through quality sunflower products across the globe.

Source: ORG-MARG survey.

Kaleesuwari is HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certified

for food safety during processing as ‘free from physical, chemical and biological contamination’.

Gold Winner is South India’s leading edible Oil

Source: Nielsen Retail Index report for
MAT period ending May, 2017.


Our production capabilities include hi-tech ultra-modern refineries in four locations across South India, all backed by advanced technology from Desmet Ballestra, Belgium. 2000+ skilled technicians and experts commit to the process and the product quality of the company.


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