We rise by lifting others

Heart-related illness is one of the major causes of death in India. Kaleesuwari foundation has partnered with hospitals to support patients who need medical assistance especially cardiac surgeries.


Golden heart project (support to heart care) we’ve partnered with Narayana Hrudayala, Kaveri, and H4H to provide heart surgeries to the poor and needy.


Medical camps for the community close to the factories were organized.


KRPL has also helped with Asset creation and infrastructure development of government hospitals.


With TANKER foundation dialysis patients were the top priority getting our aid.

Key Projects:

Heart Surgeries, Individual medical support, Cancer Treatments, Dialysis,
Ambulance, materials, etc.

Key Organizations:

CSI Kalyani, NH, Kaveri, Cancer Institute, VHS, TANKER


Tamil Nadu; Karnataka


Golden Heart Project

One of the key CSR activities of Kaleesuwari Foundation is to help patients affected by cardiovascular diseases. It has partnered with NarayanaHrudayala, Karnataka, Kaveri Hospital Trichy and recently with H4H foundation to help patients who need financial assistance.

The foundation has donated its extensive support for heart-related ailments in the last 6 years to NarayanaHrudayala and KauveriHospital.

It has helped surgeries of 90 patients from 8month babies to 68-year-old. The patients were across the country and Bangladesh. 44 females and 46 males benefited. 53 patients are of the age of fewer than 18 yrs.

Medical Camp

Medical camps are among the social initiatives of Kaleesuwari Group. On 1st of March 2020, we organized a specialty medical camp in villages around Palani, Tamil Nadu, in partnership with Kaveri Hospital and Meenakshi Medical Mission - a mobile tele-tele medical team. 210 patients from the villages attended the camp.