Gold Winner Quality Check

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Tested & Cleared For You

The only brand that goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional quality product to the consumers. With a rigorous 80-point quality check process, we guarantee nothing but the best for our valued consumers. Experience our commitment to excellence today!

Precision & Aesthetic Creation

Close visual inspection, followed by smell and taste tests are carried out to make sure the product is aesthetically pleasing. This test also checks for acidity level with respect to free fatty acid.

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To Ascertain Supremacy & Enduring Nature

We run a series of 7 tests to ensure the quality and convenience of our product. These tests cover rancidity levels, moisture content, and insoluble volatile matter. Additionally, we check peroxide and iodine values, saponification and unsaponification values, fatty acid profiles using GLC, and the refractive index specifically for sunflower oil.

gold winner quality test 7 gold winner quality test 7

Ensuring that the Product is of the Highest Caliber

To ensure the delivery of a top-quality product, we meticulously conduct 7 layers of tests to assess impurities. Additionally, we meticulously evaluate the bleaching efficiency levels, aiming to minimize the content of pigments.

gold winner quality test 7

To Ensure Absolute Accuracy in Vitamins

We conduct 6 levels of deeper testing to ensure the absence of elements such as mercury, copper, lead, iron, phosphorus, arsenic, cadmium and so forth. Further checks are carried out to confirm the absence of sediments and to ascertain the levels of Vitamins A and D2 within the FSSAI norms.

gold winner quality test 6 gold-winner-flower

Identifying Innate Contaminants

We conduct 5 tests to guarantee absolute purity by eliminating Naturally Occurring Toxins such as HydroCyanic Acid, Argemone Oil, Hypericin, and Safrole. This is our commitment to maintaining the highest level of purity.

gold winner quality test 5

To Guarantee the Elimination of Contaminants

There’s absolutely no room for contaminants of any sort in our products. That’s why we have close to 50 tests dedicated specifically to ensuring that our oils come with zero contamination. The tests cover a wide range of contaminants that include Carbendazim, Acephate, Chlorantraniliprole, Aldrin, Alpha-Endosulfan, Chloropyrifos, Cis-Chlordane, Atrazine, Benomyl, Beta-Endosulfane, BHC (delta isomer), Cypermethri, Deltamethrin, Dicofol, Dieldrin, Edifenphos, Heptachlor, Ethion, Fenzaquin, Fenitrothion, Phenthoate, Phorate, Fenthion and Fenvalerate.

gold winner quality test 50
gold winner oil

Further contaminants include Pirimphos-methyl, Lindane, Propagite, Malaoxon, Malathion, Quinaphalos, Metalochior, Simazine, Monochrtotophos, Pp-DDE, Pp-DDT, Paraoxon-methyl, Parathion-methyl, op-DDE, op-DDT, Trans-chlordane, Trichorfon, Carbofuran.

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With further tests conducted for the absence of Hexachlorocyclohexane alpha isomer, Hexachlorocyclohexane beta isomer, Glufosinate Ammonium, Chlorfenvinphos, Fenthion Sulfoxide and Fenthion Sulfone, you can be rest assured that when you pick up one of our products, you’ll be holding one of the purest oils in the market.

Crafted with care for your health and happiness, with over 80 rigorous checks, we guarantee our products come with exceptional quality and reliability. So you can embrace a happier, healthier life with confidence, knowing you're getting the very best product for you and your beloved family!