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We at Kaleesuwari, zealously believe in delivering Health and Happiness through our products and are driven by virtues such as effectiveness and responsiveness, customer centricity, value for money which is demonstrated through the following strategies :

Strengthening market position by increasing responsiveness to customer requirements.

Providing cost-effective solutions through augmented productivity, resulting from innovation and economies of scale.

Manufacturing capacity expansions which include internal expansion and increasing the number of manufacturing units.

Committed to highlighting our presence with cutting-edge technology amalgamated with a variant in processes adopted from Belgium dictates our competitive advantage to achieve our vision.

Since our inception in 1993, Kaleesuwari Refinery Private Limited has persevered in overwhelming millions of consumers through our undaunted mission of delivering Health and Happiness by creating, developing and marketing superior quality products.

In 1994, Kaleesuwari Refinery Private Limited redefined the refined edible oil space with the launch of the flagship brand Gold Winner Refined Sunflower Oil. Furthermore expanding our horizons, we introduced a diversity of exceptional and affordable products across edible, personal and home-care segments.

Headquartered out of Chennai (Tamil Nadu), Kaleesuwari Refinery Private Limited has four modernized manufacturing units in India equipped with cutting-edge technology and synchronized processes from Desmet Ballestra, Belgium.

Catering to the vision of delivering Happiness and Health over the last two decades, we have set an International footprint by launching our products in Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Seychelles and USA. With consistency in quality and judicious expansion, the company group turnover stands at USD 525 million including trading of which branded sales is over USD 357 million.

Galvanized by accomplishing several milestones throughout our journey over the past two decades tantamounts to our rapid modernization and expansion. The company is globally headquartered in Chennai, India and furthermore has set up an office in Singapore to keep up with the company’s international growth.

Facilitating processes in four state-of-the-art refineries across South India with automated cutting-edge machinery complemented with processes adopted from Belgium enables us to pursue our mission. Flexibility in production infrastructure depending on the location enables us to provide a variety of formats to suit SKUs depending on the market demand.

These SKUs comprise of an array of packaging options from small sachets to pillow pouches, standee pouches, PET bottles and HDPE jars and tins.

A team of 2000 skilled technicians driven by a moral obligation to deliver Health and Happiness highlights prospects towards infinite success.

ISO 9001:2008 & HACCP (Confirming IS 343: 2000 standards)

ISO 22000:2005

Halal (Certified as per Shariah (Islamic) board guidelines)

US FDA Registration Chennai and Palani factory (India)

Kaleesuwari receives its ISO 2000:9001 certification for the maintenance of impeccable quality standards

Kaleesuwari receives the HACCP certificate on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Practices