Gold Winner

Gold Winner

Your cooking oil is one of the most integral ingredients in adding and retaining nutrition to your meals. Gold Winner, launched in 1994, is the India’s first edible oil fortified with Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A from a plant source.

In a tropical country like ours, where we receive a healthy amount of sunshine, it is staggering to find out that 80% of Indians suffer from Vitamin D deficient. Gold Winner’s primary goal is to lend nutrition to our meals, and to make India Vitamin D positive.

Gold Winner – 5L Jar
Gold winner – 1L Pet
Gold winner – 1L pouch
Gold Winner Vanaspati 1L Pouch

Gold Winner Vanaspati is manufactured specifically with healthy vegetables and is processed with hydrogenation technique to ensure superior product quality. In essence, Gold Winner Vanaspati is a healthier alternative to Ghee and Clarified Butter. Its versatile smoking point allows patrons to use it for sauteeing or even deep-frying.

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