Social Responsibility

The Social Responsibility programs of Kaleesuwari are designed to provide enduring benefits to its employees, clients, shareholders, partners and individuals of the surrounding within which it operates.

Kaleesuwari understands its responsibility of being a part of the community. These responsibilities go further than just producing the products and keeping the customers surrounded by happiness and good health. Kaleesuwari understands its obligation to lend a helping hand as an employer and as a part of the community at large.

Through various social and volunteering activities, community involvement and commitment to the environment, Kaleesuwari endeavors to offer positive impact on people's health and communities.

As an employer, Kaleesuwari believes in having concrete values, a healthy workplace environment and management that promote the potentials and talents of every individual.

Awards & Recognition

Awards, certifications and recognitions are the best ways to understand Kaleesuwari's persistence in adding value to its customers from every dimension. Kaleesuwari has raised the bar when it comes to making a difference in the life of its customers…

Employee Engagement

To render its products at exceptional standards, Kaleesuwari completely relies on the drive, skills and dedication of its employees...

Product Safety

Kaleesuwari's dedication to offer utmost safety is replicated in its experts devoted in ensuring environmental and human safety. The organization utilizes a comprehensive program to ensure the safety of its products…