Product Safety

Kaleesuwari's dedication to offer utmost safety is replicated in the attitude of its expert professionals who are devoted to ensure environmental and human safety. The organization utilizes a comprehensive program to ensure the safety of its products. These safety programs are applied to products made both in the in-house facilities as well as those produced by the supplier partners.

Safety here is ensured from the ingredients to final products before they reach the customers hands. These safety measures also comply with laws and regulations in each of the markets where they are sold.

Finally, when it comes to product safety, Kaleesuwari works closely with its member companies to comprehend the impact of chemicals used in foods and consumer products.  Fair policies and guidelines are created to keep the consumers safe from potentially hazardous chemicals.

Gold Winner, Delivering our promise of Good Health and Energy!


How is Gold Winner Sunflower Oil produced?

Sunflower Oil is extracted from the seeds of the sunflower and not from the flowers. Though Sunflower is grown in India, its production has come down due to poor yields. Since 1996 majority of Sunflower Oil is being imported by India from South America (Argentina) and presently from Ukraine. Kaleesuwari has approved government licenses to import Sunflower oil from these countries. Gold Winner Refined Sunflower Oil is produced and packed in well-equipped state-of-the-art facilities and machineries of world class standards.

How is the quality of Gold Winner Refined Sunflower Oil?

Kaleesuwari has been awarded a number of certification that recognizes the High Quality Standards that we maintain in the brands we manufacture and market.

  • ISO 22000
  • Our Refined Oils are not only sold in India but also exported to countries like USA, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, Middle east, Australia, Russia,.etc. This is a testimony of our quality standards. Our Refined Oils are tested by prestigious Institutes like FSSAI, IICT, CFTRI, SGS, Kings Institute Lab regularly and they confirm to the standards laid by Bureau of Indian Standards and other International standards.
  • Goldwinner Sunflower oil passes the FSSAI’ quality for Edible oil. It doesn’t contain any acids or chemicals. Also, it doesn’t contain any GNRAS (Generally Not Recognized As Safe) Ingredients.
  • The quality and processes adhered to by our factory has been recognized by Government and private auditing agencies who audit our factories regularly and also conduct surprise visits.

How good is Sunflower Oil for Health?

Sunflower Oil is known to be a Healthy Oil which is used all over the world as cooking Oil. It is a rich source of Linoleic acid (Omega 6 Fatty Acid), B-Carotene, Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherols). Sunflower Oil does not contain any saturated fat. It is known to improve HDLP (good cholesterol) due to high content of MUFA. Consumption of sunflower oil in balanced measure can reduce overall cholesterol in the body thereby making you feel less sluggish and more energized. The antioxidant property of sunflower oil is directly connected to preventing heart disease, boosting immune system and improving skin health and regenerating. Like any other cooking oil, Sunflower oil is free flowing, light, transparent oil best suitable for cooking, frying etc.

Gold Winner Refined Sunflower Oil is produced and packed in a hygiene pack with State of Art Technology of world class Standards. Gold Winner Refined Sunflower Oil is confirmed to be Transfat Free which is very good.

If sunflower oil is very good for health, then how much sunflower oil should I consume daily?

The benefits of adding sunflower oil to our diet are many. Consumption of sunflower oil in balanced measure can help reduce cholesterol and related fatty tissues, in addition to preventing heart related diseases. As is the case with all successful diet plans, the key lies in controlled diet supplemented by prescribed physical exercises. On its part, Gold Winner has done awareness initiatives in the past informing consumers about the requisite intake of sunflower oil. This is a part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to its consumers to deliver good health on the back of quality and hygiene.

Can I get to visit your factory to understand and experience the brand’s commitment to deliver a quality and hygiene product?

With quality comes transparency.

Kaleesuwari has been organizing periodic factory visits for Educational and Other Institutions to help them understand and appreciate the commitment that our brands hold towards our consumers.

We would be delighted to give consumers a first-hand experience of the journey that all our brands undergo before they reach a retail outlet. Any individual from the society as a single person or as a member of a registered organization can apply for a request to visit to our factory with proper ID proofs.

For further details in this regard, contact:
Consumer Care Cell: 1800 3000 3999


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