The Philosophy

Road Ahead

Kaleesuwari plans to sustain its competitive advantages of being customer-centric and providing an extended portfolio of products through the following strategies
  • Strengthening market position by increasing responsiveness to customer requirements
  • Providing cost-effective solutions through augmented productivity, resulting from innovation and economies of scale
  • Manufacturing capacity expansions which include internal expansion and increasing the number of manufacturing units

Kaleesuwari's future plans will endeavor to grow and further strengthen its connotation of "Health and Happiness" as its primary enticement and spur.

About Us

Kaleesuwari Refinery Private Limited ever since its foundation in the year 1993 has harnessed its past experience in the consumer goods industry to focus on long-term relationships with its consumers…

Environmental Responsibility

The impact of Kaleesuwari goes beyond the walls of its manufacturing plants to make a difference in the environment in which it operates...

Employee Engagement

To render its products at exceptional standards, Kaleesuwari completely relies on the drive, skills and dedication of its employees...