The Infrastructure

  • Headquartered out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Four manufacturing units in India backed with state-of-the-art refining technology & processes from Desmet Ballestra, Belgium
  • Over 2000+ talent base
  • Exports foray in the last decade

4 manufacturing units, Well Sourced State-Of The-Art Facilities

  • Chennai: Vengai Vasai
  • Coimbatore: Palani
  • Bangalore: Tumkur
  • Kakinada

Product Safety

Kaleesuwari's dedication to offer utmost safety is replicated in its experts devoted in ensuring environmental and human safety. The organization utilizes a comprehensive program to ensure the safety of its products…

Environmental Responsibility

The impact of Kaleesuwari goes beyond the walls of its manufacturing plants to make a difference in the environment in which it operates...

Distribution Network

Kaleesuwari – One among India's largest FMCG brand has its dominance not only in the Southern States of India. Kaleesuwari has also made a successful mark in a few international markets including the American, European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets.