The Heritage

From the day Kaleesuwari was founded, the vision to spread the delight of healthy life was the pathfinder to the company. This was the driving force behind every new venture they stepped into.


  • The Flagship brand Gold Winner RSF was launched


  • Kaleesuwari entered a new product category and launched Gold Winner Vanaspathi


  • Kaleesuwari entered another new product category in the month of September by launching Sree Gold Dhal


  • Kaleesuwari introduces its Olive Oil brand - Cardia


  • Kaleesuwari creates a new segment of branded lamp oil by the name Dheepam Lamp Oil in November


  • Kaleesuwari introduces a healthy and tasty oil - Cardia Life


  • Kaleesuwari introduces its Refined Rice Bran Oil brand - Orysa


  • Kaleesuwari introduces its edible coconut oil brand - Pure Plus
  • Kaleesuwari entered a new product category and launched Eldia Pure Coconut Oil
  • Kaleesuwari launches Eldia Enriched Hair Oil

Awards & Recognition

Awards, certifications and recognitions are the best ways to understand Kaleesuwari's persistence in adding value to its customers from every dimension. Kaleesuwari has raised the bar when it comes to making a difference in the life of its customers…

The Infrastructure

Kaleesuwari has three manufacturing plants with well-resourced state-of-the-art facilities and dexterous professionals located near the major cities of Chennai, Coimbatore, and Bangalore…

Social Responsibility

The social responsibility programs of Kaleesuwari are designed to provide enduring benefits to its employees, clients, shareholders, partners, and individuals of the surrounding within which it operates.