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Golden Secrets of Olive Oil

The supreme exemplar of monounsaturated fatty acids and anti-oxidative substances is olive oil. It is a natural extract which preserves the flavor, aroma, vitamins and properties of the olives. Olive oil is the one and only edible oil that can be consumed as it is freshly pressed from the olive fruit.

Studies have shown that olive oil renders protection against heart diseases by controlling LDL, better known as the bad cholesterols. It raises the HDL /the "good" cholesterol. No other naturally produced oil has as huge amount of oleic acid as Olive Oil.

Olive oil is very well good for the stomach as it reduces effect of ulcers and gastritis. Olive oil induces the secretion of bile and pancreatic juices and aims digestion. It also lowers the occurrence of gallstone formation.

The Pluses of Pulses

Pulses are low in fat, high in fiber, nil in cholesterol, low in glycemic index and high in proteins. They are excellent foods for people managing their Diabetes, Heart Ailments or Coeliac Diseases. Pulses are the best choice for people who want to eat healthy food to reduce their risks of getting heart disease or diabetes. Furthermore, pulses can help people concerned with weight control.

When you compare pulses with meat, pulses have a feature that it contains very less amount of fat. Pulses contain those essentials which help in producing more meat and blood. Research has proven that pulses contain different types of salts and it’s less in acidic nature.

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Healthy Cooking

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