Environmental Responsibility

The impact of Kaleesuwari goes beyond the walls of its manufacturing plants to make a difference in the environment in which it operates. The manufacturing plants have adapted numerous eco-friendly practices to reduce the environmental degradation.

  • Waste Management – All the manufacturing facilities at Kaleesuwari have world-class water treatment plants that recover reusable water from waste water, eliminating the hazardous elements and evading the expulsion of polluting substances into the environment.
  • Power Management - Kaleesuwari also owns and operates windmills and harnesses electricity generated from wind energy to satisfy a portion of its energy requirement in the manufacturing process. This significant amount of energy coming from clean, renewable energy sources ensures the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions during operation. It also minimizes the reliance on fossil fuels. This is an effort to optimize energy consumption level.

  • Carbon Emission Control - The manufacturing plants have been certified as zero-discharge plants by the Pollution Control Board in India.

About Us

Kaleesuwari Refinery Private Limited, ever since its foundation in the year 1993 has harnessed its past experience in the consumer goods industry to focus on long-term relationships with its consumers…

Road Ahead

Kaleesuwari plans to sustain its competitive advantages by enduring customer-focus and providing an extended portfolio of products …

Social Responsibility

The social responsibility programs of Kaleesuwari are designed to provide enduring benefits to its employees, clients, shareholders, partners, and individuals of the surrounding within which it operates.