Employee Engagement

To render its products at exceptional standards, Kaleesuwari completely relies on the drive, skills and dedication of its employees. Employees of Kaleesuwari are supported by best-in-class HR policies that place supreme importance to statutory compliance and employee welfare. Kaleesuwari fosters a culture of continuous individual development and progress to meet the clients' needs and build on its businesses. The employees have access to an extensive range of professional development training as well.

Manufacturing plants are managed with the highest prominence offered to safety standards. Despite being an oil refinery, the factories are well-maintained with a spic-and-span ambience to work. The in-house wellness centers located within the factory’s compound ensures health care services, if required during the working hours.

With the introduction of Performance-based Management Systems (PMS) in the manufacturing plants, all employees are treated fairly through standardized procedures that promote consistency all through the organization. Along with the PMS, the company uses fair practices and analytical procedures to provide growth opportunities for all its employees.

Technological improvement and business education are vital to ensure that the employees have the knowledge and right skill sets to exceed the clients' expectations in the markets that they operate in.



Kaleesuwari has established a pleasant and value-based work environment that promotes team spirit and enthusiasm. At Kaleesuwari, talents are well-groomed keeping in mind the proficiencies they need to possess and develop…

The Infrastructure

Kaleesuwari has three manufacturing plants with well-resourced state-of-the-art facilities and dexterous professionals located near the major cities of Chennai, Coimbatore, and Bangalore…

Product Safety

Kaleesuwari's dedication to offer utmost safety is replicated in its experts devoted in ensuring environmental and human safety. The organization utilizes a comprehensive program to ensure the safety of its products…