Distribution Network

Kaleesuwari – One among India's largest FMCG brand has its dominance not only in the Southern States of India. Through a comprehensively integrated SAP environment and a well knit distribution network, Kaleesuwari has churned-up its market share across various other parts of India. Kaleesuwari has also made a successful mark in a few international markets including the American, European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets.

The interested agents may send their profiles (including photo/Video of the Godown) to:

Kaleesuwari Refinery Private Limited
#53, Rajasekaran Street,
Mylapore, Chennai - 600 004.
Phone Number : +91-44-3999 3999
Fax : +91-44-3999 3900 / +91-44-3999 3998
Toll free number : 1800 3000 3999
Email :

C & F Agents

The organization is currently looking for Professional C&F Agents at Jaypur , Nasik, Pune and other major towns of Maharashtra to boost the growth of the product ranges.

Media Presence

Kaleesuwari has always been reaching out to our audience through broadcast and print. Most of our commercials and videos are an all-time favourite for many. You needn't go anywhere to find them, we have it all here for you.

Press Releases

Our reliability and quality are well recognized everywhere. We have been featured in news by some of the most renowned newspapers in the country. Read what the world wrote about us through these articles.